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Do you deliver and set-up the equipment?
Yes! Our trained staff delivers the equipment, sets it up, and ensures that it is in proper working order prior to your event.

How long does set-up take?
Normally, set-up for one bar unit takes approximately 30 minutes. This is from the time the equipment is in place until the unit can be powered up.

Do you provide staff to run the equipment?
Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained to safely operate the equipment, answer any questions, as well as interact with the event guests and encourage them to try an oxygen session.

What kind of power is required?
Each bar unit requires one regular 110V outlet on a 15 AMP circuit. In most homes and businesses this is considered a “normal plug”. If a second or third bar unit is being used, each must have its own 15 AMP circuit. Although we provide extension cords, the power source must not be further than 40ft. away from the bar unit.

How much space do you need?
Generally speaking, one bar unit requires approximately 70 sq. ft. of space; a width of 7ft. and a depth of 10ft.

What kinds of events are a good fit for this service?
A great fit for virtually ANY event or venue! The energy and excitement that is generated makes our service extremely popular to event planners and guests alike. Some great event ideas are: Trade Shows, Corporate Functions, Private Events, Company Meetings, Sales Conferences, Grand Openings, Product/Brand Launches, Fashion Shows, Company Parties, Conventions, Spa Areas, Galas, Charity Events, Sporting Events, Company Retreats, Client Appreciation Events, and many more!

How can I get a quote for my event?
The most efficient way to get a quote is by using our Quik Quote Form. Simply fill in the spaces, click submit, and with-in the hour a custom proposal we be sent to the listed email address. This process is free! You may also contact our office at (905) 227-8162 to discuss your event in detail.

Can you customize your equipment?
Every event that we do is custom; from branding the client’s logo on our machines to choosing the colour of the bar wall. We can work with you to match any theme that you may have. Aroma selection and staff uniforms are also custom options.

How does your service work at a Trade Show?
Our service is extremely versatile and effective when it comes to Trade Shows. The Oxygen Bar works great in common areas (café, wellness studio, lobby, etc) as well as individual booths. Common area placements can work in a couple of different ways. The first is when the actual show or show management company chooses to brand our equipment with the show’s logo and colours. The Oxygen Bar service would then appear to be that of the show. The second way that this type of placement works is if the show makes this a sponsorship opportunity. If this is the case, our equipment is then branded with the logo and colours of the sponsor to appear as “The Sponsor’s Oxygen Bar”.
Individual booth placement is just that; a particular company will have the Oxygen Bar set-up in their booth space. This is a popular choice as the attention and traffic generated at the booth is unmatched. Not only will the eye-catching display attract guests but the service itself will keep potential clients at the booth for an extended period of time. Instead of (or as well as) the guest walking away with a promotional item, they leave the booth feeling great and remembering the experience. Guests will link this great feeling to the booth (your company) as they inform others at the show about this unique service. A buzz is created!

If I have the Oxygen Bar in my Trade Show booth, will your staff promote my company?
This is our number one objective. Our staff is there to promote and represent the client – you! All of our custom options, including staff uniform, will reinforce your company’s brand. Giveaways, brochures, and equipment operation is all handled by our staff as well. We allow you and your booth staff to concentrate on obtaining new leads and interacting with your customers.

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What is Oxygen?
Oxygen is an element, normally a gas, constituting one-fifth of the atmosphere of the Earth. Oxygen is usually found as a molecule made up of two atoms. When we breathe in oxygen, it is carried by the hemoglobin in our blood throughout the body, where it is used to generate energy by oxidation. Oxygen was first isolated by scientist Joseph Priestley in 1774.

Why do I need Oxygen?
The human body requires oxygen to produce energy. 80% of the aerobic metabolic energy required by our bodies comes from aerobic metabolism directly linked to oxygen intake. In scientific terms; oxygen serves as the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain, which produces the bulk of all ATP in an organism.

What exactly am I inhaling at an oxygen bar?
Produced by “Pressure Swing Adsorption” 92-95% pure oxygen is infused with a variety of aromatherapy scents. This combination is then passed through a cannula (nose hose) to you (the customer). The instructions are to “breathe normally” for the duration of the session. The remaining 5-8% of what you are inhaling is simply the ambient air; nitrogen, argon, and other trace gases.

How long does a session last?
An oxygen session lasts anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes, depending on the event.

How will I feel after the session?
Since everyone is different, a variety of results are present. The most commonly reported benefits are: increased energy, an uplifting/refreshed feeling, clearing of the mind, relief of toxic headaches as well as hangovers, relief of stress, higher concentration levels, and an overall positive mood.

Is breathing oxygen at an oxygen bar harmful?
There are NO risks and NO adverse effects with the short-term use of oxygen. The American Lung Association has said that breathing oxygen from an oxygen bar for less than 30 minutes has no harmful effects and there is no evidence that oxygen used in bars can be dangerous to a normal person’s health.

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